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Marketing Myths to Avoid


Although the term “content marketing” was first used in 1996, many people find it difficult to grasp exactly what it is. With all of the conflicting content being posted online, people have many misconceptions about what content marketing actually is.

To avoid having a disconnect in your marketing, you have to clear the misconceptions to build a solid content marketing strategy. Using content marketing correctly can lead you and your business to success.

Here are the top 5 content marketing myths we’re going to bust when it comes to your content marketing strategy!


  • Search Engine Optimization Does Not Work

You may be asking yourself “why does SEO not work?” There can be many reasons why your SEO marketing is not working, like:

  • You are not tracking the data
  • Your website is not optimized correctly
  • Or you may be inadvertently using Black Hat SEO techniques

When using SEO marketing correctly, there are many advantages for your business. You will see an increase in visits to your website and an increase in revenue. So don’t let SEO marketing intimidate you!


  • Content Marketing Gives Quick Results

Although you may be a little impatient, the best results from content marketing take time. Although the results can take some time, it allows your audience to build a lasting relationship with your brand. Your content marketing can influence your revenue in a number of ways, such as:

  • Building your brand awareness
  • Providing additional information to your customers and guiding them to make a purchase
  • An excellent way to create a loyal following of customers

The effort you put into your strategy directly impacts the results you will see, so be patient with your content marketing!


  • Only Some Businesses Need Content Marketing

This is one of the most misleading ideas about content marketing. Content marketing can be used by any business no matter the size! Content marketing should be used as a method of storytelling. Here are some effective ways to content market:

  • Be inspirational, educational, and interesting
  • Focus more on what your audience will like
  • Be relevant
  • Understand the customer lifecycle.

Your content marketing strategy should be built for your business. A great strategy will have great effects on your business!


  • The More Content the Better

Another misconception about content marketing is that longer content will get you better results. If done properly it can, but only when it is highly focused and you’ve done your research on long-format content.

Creating consistent quality outweighs producing hundreds of mediocre content that your audience doesn’t care about. Another downfall of poorly produced long-format content is the effect it has on your SEO results.

When creating your content marketing campaign, be sure to set realistic goals and hold yourself accountable. This will result in higher quality and more engaging content!


  • Social Media Marketing has Outrun Email Marketing

Social media is one of the largest platforms to market through, and it has changed the marketing world. However, social media marketing has not made email marketing obsolete either. 

Email marketing is still very effective in promoting content and engaging with your existing and new customers. Properly personalized email templates ensure you are being non-intrusive and that your emails are not viewed as spam.

Remember, using multiple forms of content marketing is better than using only one.

Content marketing should be considered a long-term investment for your company. The results do not come quickly, but the more patient you are for results the better the return will be for your business! Avoiding these myths will also help you build a stronger strategy and market to your audience more effectively. 

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