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Does Your Brand Voice Resonate with your Target Audience?

62% of customers stated that they feel an emotional connection to the brands they buy from most. (State of Connected Customer) However, that’s not what we always see. In the content marketing world, generic content is the most common we come across, but it does not grab a consumer's attention. 

The more honest and sincere you are when communicating (regardless of the channel), the more likely you are to grab your audience's attention. So, how do you make sure your marketing has a human touch to it? Here are 5 tips to make your marketing more human.


  • Share your Values

Everyone says to share your values, and that’s because your brand values matter. Every strong brand starts with strong values. The better you are at communicating your brand’s values, the more likely people are to engage with your brand.

You can share these values across your social media platforms and on your website in creative ways to help your brand stand out to consumers. Let your creativity shine when creating content so it doesn’t look like a generic post used by many other brands. 


  • Be Vulnerable

It can be hard to gain the trust of consumers, simply because their engagement with your brand is often not in-person. A simple way to gain their trust is to be vulnerable in what you post. Share not only the good side of your brand but also the behind-the-scenes mistakes or failures. The more you open up, the more others see you and your brand as a human which in turn leads to them trusting and respecting you.


If you make a mistake, don’t be afraid to own up to it and sincerely apologize to your consumers. If you fail at something but learned from it, you can turn it into a teachable moment for others. If it took you multiple tries to perfectly execute one product, show that process. All of this helps in making your marketing more human. 


  • Show Off the People Behind your Brand

What better way to make your marketing more human than showing off the humans behind your brand? Everyone from yourself, friends, family, and those that help your brand succeed make your brand what it is. The more you spotlight those that are a part of your brand, the more people will want to engage with your brand. 

Showing off the people behind your brand doesn’t always have to be them working either. You can spotlight events, jokes, mealtimes, celebrations, and outings to showcase your brand and everyone involved. This will also attract people that want to work with your brand.


  • Personalize where Possible

Everyone wants to feel understood and seen. The easiest way to acknowledge this is by personalizing your content when possible. In a recent study, it was found that 46% of consumers ignore brand communications unless they are personalized.

A simple way to personalize your buyer's needs is to map their journey throughout the buying process. This ensures your address whatever needs they may have at every stage. When communicating with consumers, it's a bonus if they know they are communicating with a specific person from your team. Bonus points are given if you include a photo of your team member!


  • Use Live-Action Videos

Videos are a powerful tool in today’s digital society. The use of a live-action video will help your audience connect emotionally with your brand. Videos make for a great marketing tool for your brand.

Some ideas for live-action videos can be you speaking about your brand and why you chose to start it, the process of creating products, or a fun Q&A with the people working behind the scenes for your brand. Remember to just have fun with it!


As you build your brand and content marketing strategy, always look for ways to bring your brand content to life in every piece of content you create. Using these tips will keep your marketing more human and set you apart from your competitors. So don’t be afraid to get creative with your content.

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