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How Long Should A Campaign Run?

How long should a campaign run?

It's difficult to not expect instant results and satisfaction in the world we live in today. When working with different types of digital marketing, it can be difficult to wrap your head around the various timelines at play during campaigns--each personalized to its own unique timeline.

This flexibility makes creating a plan and setting clear connected goals one of the most important steps for digital marketers. Setting realistic expectations about how much time you'll need will help you make a good strategy that aligns with what needs to happen now or later (depending on each campaign).


If you're too focused on quick gratification, you'll miss out on big wins coming down the line from a well-executed long-term digital trend plan. It might take some time before anything changes if your campaign is experimental or just starting out--but if everything goes according to plan, then this could change over an extended period of time--dependent on what kind of campaign it is.

Here are the 8 campaign attributes we like to focus on.


1. AED (Attracting, Engaging, and Delighting your ICP)

2. Connecting campaigns to goals beyond KPIs

3. Planning

4. Patience

5. Media Mix (Programmatic display, content, direct mail, etc.)

6. Creative

7. Exception (Results do not happen overnight)

8. Landing page content / navigation


And finally, if you have any questions about campaign performance or would like some help learning new strategies to maximize your campaign engagement, reach out to us.

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